Vestiges of Amador-The Annals of Knight Foundry, Part 3

a foundry is a factory that produces metal castings.Amador Ledger Dispatch article by Deborah Cook on April 16 (updated April 27), 2017.

“Just three short blocks off Highway 49 in Sutter Creek, straddling both sides of Eureka and Borgh Way, sits one of the most unique industrial factories in the United States – Knight Foundry. This water-powered wonder has sat mostly idle for the past 2 decades. Except for limited work by a small group of individuals and historic tours of the foundry, the buildings have lain silent and shuttered, surrounded by a menagerie of old pipes, parts, and other accoutrements that were once utilized and produced by the business. These buildings tell the story of the men who worked there and what they did. In this installment of our series on this unique piece of history, we will take a virtual tour of the site. But first, let us examine what type of work that is done at a foundry. It may seem a bit trivial but for those who have never given it any thought, a basic lesson in foundry production seems beneficial for them to understand the significance of Knight Foundry.”

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Modern Day Sutter Creek

A charming balance of old and new, today’s Sutter Creek maintains its Gold Rush facade while catering to the wants and needs of visitors from around the world. Shop, dine, slumber, stroll, wine taste, and enjoy the atmosphere of Sutter Creek in California’s Amador County.

Located about 45 miles southeast of Sacramento. Sutter Creek is ideally situated in the heart of the Sierra Foothill Wine Country and is Amador County’s most walkable town with Bed and Breakfast Inns, restaurants, wine tasting rooms and shops on beautiful Main Street.

Sutter Creek is the perfect hub to explore the Sierra Foothill Wine regions including Amador’s own Shenandoah Valley, El Dorado County’s Fairplay region and Calaveras County’s wine region. Amador County’s Shenandoah Valley has become a thriving and popular wine growing region of California and is often quoted as being “like Napa and Sonoma were thirty five years ago.“

Plan to visit Sutter Creek, the Jewel of the Motherlode, and one of California's finest and friendliest small towns.

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